Most of all, the class is about sharing the joy of journey of discovery. The body is its own universe, and there is always more that can be learned about it. The quest for learning about the body in motion is their passion.

It is about the body in motion and the fascinating internal network of (organic) motors, cables, levers, gears and counterweights which make motion possible.

This training is filled with new ideas to challenge beliefs of who we are and how we move. You create a relaxed fun environment to discover and explore body movement. I have a new appreciation for anatomy and how awareness can support ease of movement.

I appreciate the diversity of movement and love the body positive (the hamstrings aren’t ‘tight’) language. The somatic approach applies to more than physical movements. The way you teach us and remind us to observe subtle changes translates well into ‘off the mat’ experiences and life.

The realization that small adjustments and awakenings in the body lead to ease of movements makes me super eager to come and learn more (to see where else I can grow, change, move). The community of this learning-based class is really rewarding and seems to happen more in your training than others because of the dialog and discussions. I love the interactive nature - like a mini workshop with an amazingly knowledgable - and funny - (body) guide.