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Know the body in motion

We lead teachers in experiential anatomical study to allow for more liberated, 3-dimensional, healthy, and healing yoga practice and teaching.

Does the anatomy training in your yoga teacher training program set your program and studio apart from the rest?


Meet Alison & Ann

Nope. They're not sisters. But people ask that all the time. Just two long-time yoga practitioners/teachers who came together through the Franklin Method and who want to change the world by improving each yogi's sense of their anatomy one bone at a time. 


Core Principles


Learn in Motion

Rather than detailing the anatomy of asana as a static destination, we teach the biomechanics of movement as it applies to the spreading/absorbing of forces while entering into/transitioning from asana.


A skill we've developed in our studies in the Franklin Method™, we teach how to improve the way you "see" what you're doing as a means of improving what you're doing.

Embodied Anatomy

When you can sense the alignment of what you imagine is happening in your body with what is actually happening, this is embodiment. To learn anatomy in this way shifts class from memorizing locations and names of body systems, to carrying around your textbook with you at all times.


How We Can Partner

We would love to help you stand out as a studio with well-informed, skilled, and adaptive teachers. With options that suit all sizes of Yoga Teacher Trainings, Anatomy in Asana empowers your teachers with embodied knowledge of anatomy and the body in motion. 


Why We Do This

Hear the heart behind Anatomy in Asana. Click below to learn more about what we do and enjoy a few videos.


We’d love to Connect

You want your teacher training to stand out and we want your teachers to be the best they can be. Let’s have a conversation to see if what we offer is a good fit for your program.